About us

PowerDive was established in 1997 and is now regarded as the most advanced manufacture of Surface Supply Diving Systems (formally known as hookah diving). PowerDive has lead the way in innovating products for this market that clearly exists between snorkelling and the complete freedom of scuba dive. The technology in Hookah diving has come a long way from steel helmets and cumbersome dive suits. With the PowerDive system, even first time divers can be underwater in minutes!
PowerDive´s range of diving systems are ideal for safe, fun, family diving, they are also the perfect tool for:

  • Boat maintenance
  • Hull inspections
  • Marina and mooring maintenance
  • Diver training
  • Resort introductory diving
  • Marine science studies
  • Marine research
  • Pool maintenance
  • Golf ball retrieval
  • Disabled diving

PowerDive units are:

  • Light, compact and portable
  • Necessary equipment for emergency detangles, retrievals or repairs
  • The ideal money-saving accessory for cleaning below the waterline, improving performance, lowering fuel consumption and extending the frequency between slipping your boat.
  • Perfect for resort diving

PowerDive units range from single deck 1 diver to 6metres, double deck mounted and free-floating units and are 12v electric and are more suited to families and fun. Please browse our website to find the product you are looking for.